The VIP unit comes stocked with everything you need.
– Heated and cooled
– Has running water
– Flushing toilet
– Needs to be within 100 feet of water and electricity
We need at least 24 hour notice, but prefer a 48 hour notice. (Roll off 24 hour notice is a necessity)
We only accept Cash, Visa or Master Card.
Construction units are only used on construction sites. Special event units have never been used on construction sites and are used only for events.
Yes, we use odor eliminating discs in order to keep our units smelling fresh and clean.
No, but you can add it for additional $4 a month.
2 double rolls tissue, hand sanitizer, and odor disc.
Yes, we recommend a combination lock on unit.
In construction units only- service record on the inside of door.
Fresh water, soap, and napkins (Special events are usually double sided units).
Yes (within 100 feet of water and electricity)
Fully functional bathroom, ac/heat, men and women side, radio, lights.
Flushable units with a hand washing station and battery run lights.