• How big are the wheel chair accessible units?

    Approximately 5 feet x 5 feet

  • Is the VIP trailer self-contained?

    The VIP unit comes stocked with everything you need.
    – Heated and cooled
    – Has running water
    – Flushing toilet
    – Needs to be within 100 feet of water and electricity

  • How far in advance do we need to book a service?

    We need at least 24 hour notice, but prefer a 48 hour notice with portable sanitation.
    (Solid Waste requires a minimum of 24 hour notice)

  • What form of payments do you accept?

    We only accept Cash, Visa, Master Card and Discover.

  • Do you charge weekly or monthly?

    We charge monthly, or every 28 day billing cycle.

  • What is the difference between the construction and special event units?

    Construction units are only used on construction sites. Special event units have never been used on construction sites and are used only for special events.

  • Do the toilets smell good?

    Yes, we use odor eliminating discs in order to keep our units smelling fresh and clean, along with Blue Chemical that has a clean, fresh scent!

  • Do constructions units come with hand sanitizer?

    No, but you can add it for additional fee per month.

  • What comes in a special event unit?

    2 double rolls of tissue, hand sanitizer, and odor disc.

  • Can we lock the units?

    Yes, we recommend a combination lock on units.

  • How will I know if you have serviced the unit?

    In construction units only- service record on the inside of door.

  • What comes included with hand washing stations?

    Fresh water, soap, and paper towels. We recommend placing a trash bin near the hand wash stations.

  • Does the VIP have to be near electricity?

    Yes (within 100 feet of water and electricity)

  • What comes included in the VIP?

    Similar to home, VIP Restroom Trailers have a fully functioning bathroom with running water and air conditioning. We have Special Event Grade and Commercial Grade units available in various configurations. These units go fast, so call for availability.

  • What comes included in Boudoir?

    Self contained, these flushable units have a hand washer, full length mirror, coat hook, and a battery operated light.